Patricia Wild

Patricia Wild’s full-time writing career began in 1998 when her novel, Swimming In It, was published by Flower Valley Press, Gaithersburg, MD. For several years she had taught in greater Boston homeless shelters; Swimming In It, set in a fictitious homeless shelter run by Quaker women in Somerville, Massachusetts, is based on the experiences of childhood sexual abuse her women students had shared. 

A former bi-monthly columnist for The Somerville Journal, she created this website in 2006. 

In 2000, Patricia began to wonder what happened to the two African American students, Owen Cardwell, Jr. and Lynda Woodruff, who desegregated E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1962—when she’d been a “tacky Yankee” senior. That question became a quest; Way Opens: A Spiritual Journey, published by Warwick Press in 2008, tracks that quest.

Wanting to share her novel Welling Up online, not as an e-book but as a non-linear, self-directed experience, in 2017 she created ( Ten audio book episodes tell Welling Up’s essential story of the emergent love and trust between a former member of Somerville’s notorious Winter Hill Gang and his homecare worker—a childhood sexual abuse survivor and Swimming In It’s main character. This experimental site offers readers a variety of possibilities to more fully experience this story, its characters, their backstories, and its Somerville and Cambridge setting.

Currently she seeks a home for Missing Reels, set in Los Angeles in October of 2017. This meta novel begins with a nasty car crash at the corner of Washington and Lincoln Boulevards and chronicles how, over the next two weeks, each character involved in that collision irrevocably changes. Sometimes, like nesting dolls, Missing Reels delves deeper and deeper into its characters’ stories. And sometimes, by purposeful omission, Missing Reels asks: What do we really know—and who’s telling this story, anyway? [Spoiler Alert: A feminist, Quaker, published novelist, grandmother.]

Patricia recently completed her memoir, Strands: An Apprenticeship with Grief and Loss, about trans-generational trauma, anger masking sadness, Wholeness versus binary, and soul work.

Patricia lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.