I Am Waiting for a Story.



[Random: Windsor Street, Cambridge, MA]

I’m waiting for an ancient, timeless, forgotten story to find me. How it will come to me will be mysterious, random; I know that much. This story may come via a dream. Or I’ll hear just the right notes in just the right order and played on just the right instrument—tuneless notes, maybe, high-pitched, and sung by my granddaughter—that my heart will hear and whisper, “Yes. Here they are. Here are the vibrations you have been waiting for. Now you can remember.” And then I’ll write that story down.

So I am listening. And waiting with an open heart.

(No post next week; look for a new post in a couple of weeks.)


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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Hello, there, Patricia, my so, so very dearly special and dearest and precious sisterfriend Christian who you are For Always so, so very much!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow and wow and wow and a zillion wows, sister, I so, so very much love and like this stupendously inspirational, insightful, and joyfully interesting blog post article of yours, my friend! I can sure relate to your seeking of stories and waiting patiently with an open heart for that very special stirring within which is from our so, so very Sweet Spirit God!!!!! Also, I hear music in the wind blowing with soothing breezes, trees and leaves rustling, birds in all of their beautiful variety singing and chirping, in the sounds of neighbors and other people going about their day, and even in the white noise sounds of cars and other vehicles going up and down the streets.

    Patricia, you make me think of how I’m an imaginative dreamer!!!!!!! I, too, like you look for stories of people, personal stories for me, and waiting with great expectancy, faith, and hope with a very eager and open heart for what our Good and so Very Loving God Spirit will delightfully let me know, my friend! I can sure relate to all of your very process, sister, and as usual as For Always I am very, very blessed, inspired, and uplifted by you my sisterfriend Christian, Patricia!!!!!!

    Patricia, please have a totally terrific and a thrilling Tuesday evening, a wondrously wonderful and totally terrific and thrilling two weeks, and may all of your days be so, so very especially blessed, Patricia!!!!!! Wow, I feel so just how much I grow and am blessed by you in my walk with our Good God!!!!!! Thank-you, sister!!!!!!!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely For Always, my special white sisterfriend Christian, Patricia, with Peace and Love To You For Always, my dear sister, with Blessings and Even More Blessings To You For Always, my friend,

    Your Christian lesbian black sister and friend For always in solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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