January 20, 2011: So Is This What You Mean?

Not totally clued in to the principles of permaculture, nor of Pattern Language, I am often kind of stumbling around in the dark when it comes to really grokking what the hell this whole movement that I’m supposed a part of is about. Or as Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement would put it: “. . . none of us really know what we are doing.”

BUT: I think that what happened today is, maybe, an example of Pattern Language. (Maybe I should end that last sentence with a ?)

To wit: As of today, everyone, here, at 25 School Street is now on board for the MassSAVE Home Energy Assessment. And guess what? Today I receive an e-mail hoping that Somerville Climate Action (My peeps) might join in a statewide initiative to—you guessed it—get lots and lots of people to sign up for a a Home Energy Assessment!

And here’s what the Pattern Language guru, Christopher Alexander, has to say: The specific patterns out of which a community is made may be alive or dead. To the extent they are alive, they let our inner forces loose, and set us free: but when they are dead, they keep us locked in inner conflict.

Or maybe we could just say: synchronicity.

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