January 28, 2011: Happy Birthday, Al

Today would have been my father’s 96th birthday (he died in October). So on this wintery day, let’s imagine a many-tiered birthday cake and ┬áthe heat from 96 glowing candles.

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  1. From what you’ve told me about your dad, I bet he would have loved the Bucky play.

    So nice to see you. Thanks for the link. We watched it in bed on my loaner iPad (from work). Of course, we looked at the other winners, and I wondered, would Bucky have had an iPad?

  2. Hello Patricia,
    Before your father married your mother …… while he was a student at Tufts ….. he wrote letters to my Aunt Mary Landis at Smith College. From reading the letters I learned a lot about his life and interests. He was clever, smart, and an interesting writer. After reading her last letter from him, I wondered what happened to him and worried that perhaps he was killed in the war. Thanks to the Internet I was able to find his obituary and then find the tribute that your daughter had written about him. I was glad to read about the rest of his successful life and the happiness he shared with his children and his wife. You are fortunate to have had such a cheerful, witty father and it is obvious that you inherited his writing skills.
    Suzanne Landis Sadler
    Danville, VA

  3. What an amazing time we live in! (My husband, when I told him how you found my father, said, “Yeah! And we’re not even on Facebook!”)
    Re the letters: of course I’d love to read them. And, of course, I’d love for my oldest daughter, whose website celebrates snail mail, to figure out a way to artfully and beautifully photograph them; she’s amazing!

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