January 3, 2011: Ah, Finlandia

Yesterday, in the spirit of Telling Everybody What I’m Doing and Then Listening, my friend Betsy  mentioned her visit to Finland. She’d noticed that the streets were all torn up and had been told that Finland was doing interesting things to reduce their oil imports.

Hmm. Finland. Where it get’s to minus 20 Celsius. So this morning, googled “Finland heating” and came up with a slew of interesting things happening in Finland.

For starters:

1. Recycling excess heat from a large data center—to heat adjacent buildings and homes, I’m guessing.

2. Heating businesses producing heat for local district heating systems. Shared heat.

Both projects, especially the second, required commitment and enormous capital. Could this country, so financially strapped by the wars in—well, it’s just too damned depressing to name them all—turn on a dime, like it did when the US became a mighty war machine, and invest its enormous resources towards projects such as are happening in Finland?

Of course we can.

Why do I say that?

Because I believe in That of God in everyone.

Because I believe in transformation.

Because I am “practic[ing] resurrection.”

And because I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the greatest anti-war songs is, you guessed, “Finlandia.”

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  1. “Because I am “practic[ing] resurrection.””

    Er. Can you explain this? It’s not a concept I have encountered before. Thanks!

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