January 8, 2011: At the chimney and fireplace store

So although there’s a ton of alternative ways to heat stuff out there (check out  yesterday’s comment/link re compost-pile water heating, for example), I’ve already confessed that I’m a hopeless aesthete, right? So when browsing Cambridge’s Black Magic Chimney and Fireplace store today, do I investigate pellet stoves?

Hell, no. I fall in love with a Vermont Castings stove. Which can be turned on with a remote. So is operational should we lose power.

And it’s so old-fashioned and pretty!

(I’m hopeless.)

Now: anyone want a baby grand piano? (Which is currently occupying the space this coveted stove could go.)

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  1. Turned on by a remote? Well, now I’ve seen everything.

    Don’t forget, make sure you get your chimney cleaned before you plug this sucker in. And, depending what kind of wood you’re burning (clean and dry versus dirty and wet), get it cleaned every six months to a year.

    Happy toastiness! (I’ve had electric heat for a year now. It’s cheaper than the oil heat we had, but it’s not nearly as warm as the woodstove-heated houses of my youth.)

  2. And my neighbors had a pellet stove and all their corn stove fodder brought us an increase in the mice population…

    They soon desisted (my neighbors)–not the mice.

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