June 29, 2011: Talkin’

Whitey Bulger’s surprising, out–of-the-blue capture last week’s got me thinking: I need to deepen Welling Up. Why? Because one of the two main characters of my novel, which I thought I’d finished last summer, is a former member of the Winter Hill Gang.

While  All Souls tells Whitey’s sad/maddening/horrific tale best, it’s a House of Representatives’ report, written in 2004 that’s inspiring me to go deeper. Specifically, it’s the title: “Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murderers As Informants.”

Everything secret degenerates. Feels like an open invitation to probe, seek, TALK!

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  1. Hello Patricia

    And there have been autobiographies, stories, by those who use to murder with Bulger–I wonder what they are like?

    Thanks for the reminder of All Souls and the link to Michael Macdonald’s site: nice to see his links to restorative justice… and did you notice he lives in Brooklyn?

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