May 7, 2012: (Let’s hear it for Cut & Paste!)

On Wednesday, Howie Carr, a conservative talk radio host wrote an offensive column for The Boston Herald entitled “White and Wrong: On the reservation with Elizabeth Warren”. Here are just a couple of the unbelievable quotes from the column:

“The race card—like so many others, Barack Obama never leaves home without it. ”

“Maybe someday [Warren will] even smokum peace pipe with Tim Geithner. ”

See the article here:

Carr’s article insinuates that President Obama and Elizabeth Warren did not earn their positions at Harvard Law. Also, that it goes so far as to infer—that any person who identifies themselves as a person of color and holds a position of power, that they only did so by playing the “race card”.

We all know that political campaigns get ugly. We shouldn’t expect the contest between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown to be an exception. But dragging out despicable stereotypes and denigrating whole groups of people goes way too far. Instead of stoking the fires of this hate-filled story, the Brown campaign needs to focus on the issues.

That’s why Patricia C. Watson created a petition on to Senator Brown, asking him to make it clear that he won’t give silent approval to these kinds of attacks.

That’s why I signed a petition to Sen. Scott Brown (MA-2), which says:

“Senator Scott Brown: We urge you to publicly condemn Howie Carr’s offensive Boston Herald article “White and Wrong: On the reservation with Elizabeth Warren” for the blatant racist stereotypes throughout, along with the insinuation that President Obama and others have achieved their positions only by playing the “race card.””

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


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  1. I read the comments on the Boston Herald’s page. You’ve got your own share of haters in The Mass, no??
    On another note-The Kennedy Foundation will honor the 3 Iowa judges voted out because of their votes on the gay marriage issue in Iowa. I’m pleased with that news from the East.

  2. Re “Haters”:
    Here’s an excerpt from Welling Up, the novel I’m working on. (The speaker is Jewell):
    “And that’s another thing! Why’s everybody so afraid to just come out and say, ‘This is flat-out wrong.’ Why do Quakers always come up with reasons and explanations and excuses for things?. . . ”

    Well, Jewell, we just do.

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