November 8, 2012: Bubbles, everywhere

Budget 4 All passed—even though I did not hold a “Vote YES for Question 5” sign on Election Night for 3 hours; my frozen toes sent me home after an hour-and-a-half. (Sometimes the world does very nicely, thank you, without my help!)

A wonderful moment that cold, cold night: Sonja Derai, a F/friend walked past.( Does anything in Somerville actually happen without Sonja?) Elizabeth Warren’s Somerville campaign manager, Sonja was checking in with her crew. And was pleased: “Yup,” Sonja declared. “The whole world’s singing ‘Kumbaya’ tonight.”

Here’s the thing: Sonja knows that Somerville ain’t the whole world.

Here’s another thing: Apparently Romney’s defeat came as a big, big shock to the people who actually believe Fox News.

Here’s the thing: The whole world could be singing ‘Kumbaya.’ OK, maybe not. How ’bout “People Get Ready”? Because no matter what bubble we’re living in, darlin’, we are in this together.






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  1. And in Iowa, we kept one of the judges up for retention; several of his colleagues had been punted after the gay marriage vote.

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