October 18, 2010: Query, Query, Query, Query

My father, Albert F. Wild, died on October 15th at the age of 95. So to end this “query” series, I’d like to post the very last question my father asked me.

Like all doting and watchful fathers, my dad asked me lots of questions:

“Did you bring your money?”

“Have you done your homework?”

“How many cigarettes are you smoking a day?” (Until the day I quit, I’d always lied.)

“What sort of health plan do you have?”

“Have I ever told you about the time. . . ?”

His last couple of days, my sailor father imagined many, many scenarios to give meaning to what he clearly sensed was happening to him. Most of these stories involved water, boats, cruises. So it’s altogether fitting that his last question to me was:

“What do you do in the Navy?”

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  1. Maybe he thought you were in the navy because you were keeping him safe in a storm. xoxoxo, W.

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