“Worth It”*


Could there be anything more perfect than hanging out with 400,000 of my closest friends on a perfect fall Sunday afternoon in NYC? Could there be any greater joy than dancing down Broadway, right behind a om-pah-pah band, with my precious four-year-old grand-daughter while holding a “JOBS. JUSTICE. CLEAN ENERGY” poster someone just randomly handed me? Or hearing thousands of young people of every ethnicity and sexual orientation, from high schools and colleges all over the country, call and respond: “Tell me what democracy looks like?” “This is what democracy looks like.” (Yes, it does.) People’s Climate March, indeed!

*What the sign my daughter made and carried said.

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Hi, there, Patricia! Wow, Sister, what a fantabulous and indeed a perfect day which you and your dearest and darling four-year-old grand-daughter had at the the march upholding our democracy and advocating for the great needs for jobs, justice, and clean energy! This is indeed a perfect day and my idea also of what would be a perfect day, Patricia! I can just envision how the dancing behind the musical band was absolutely fantastic! I think that the urgent concerns of the People’s Climate March are right on and very pertinent because our dear Earth in in deep distress and trouble. There is no denying this grievous fact and reality in all honesty as we know, my dearest and precious white sister, Patricia! We know all too well how some people deny this fact either by being in denial or more often being deliberately dishonest about the very veracity of the concerns regarding climate change.

    This march did indeed embody to perfection what democracy looks like-a democracy of all of our Good Spirit’s people of all genders, classes, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, races, and backgrounds, Sister! Now this is what I like to see-I can just in my mind’s eye and as I pray envision each and every one of you marching in harmonious unity for the common cause of democracy. This is just wonderful, Patricia! I love what you described as your little grand-daughter’s sign proudly and very relevantly saying, “Worth It, ” for this cause is indeed very worth it and vitally needed and necessary for our common welfare as a beloved and precious humanity.

    Patricia, visiting your magnificent blog post website and responding to your brilliant and inspiring blog post articles just make my day and make my day even brighter, Sister! You are such a great inspiration to me and to your other readers! I am a better Christian and more in deeply in touch with my spirituality by you, my white sister, and your sagacious words of wisdom! I thank-you so, so dearly, kindly, and deeply for the marvelous gift you are and for being such a great blessing, Patricia!

    Please have a very nice, special, and a very blessed rest of your Tuesday, Sister Patricia! Thank-you for being the splendid white woman who you are as an anti-racist ally and in solidarity, Patricia!

    Very Warmly and Sincerely Always,

    Your lesbian black sister in solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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