August 14, 2012: “To Friends Everywhere” (Introduction)

Hit the ground running since returning from this year’s New England Yearly Meeting (the annual, early-August, week-long gathering of Quakers from all six New England states.) A weekend spent with visiting, beloved grandchildren—and their equally cherished parents, a very successful but exhausting block party on Saturday (I was one of the organizers), a family-strong effort on Sunday to help my daughter Hope and her husband, Kristian, ready their house for their just-about-due baby and, tragically, yesterday, learning that a wonderful young man from our weekly sharing circle had died from a bee sting so, stunned and grief-stricken, attending his wake and prayer service last night.


So much as I’d hoped to write about a moment at YM, simply haven’t had time. Or energy.

But as one line from “Swimming to the Other Side” says (a song we sang a lot at YM):  “I’m preparing to do my part.”

And I THINK my part is, among other things, to post at this site.

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