December 2, 2011: Seeing Stars

Recently someone asked me when I first sensed Something beyond myself (some people call that prickly feeling God). My answer? Looking up at the night sky when a kid.

Trouble is, these days, living in a dense city, only the brightest stars or strategically located planets are visible. I miss that sense of utter wonder; I miss stars!

So last week, on a moonless night, while on a family vacation in Palm Desert, CA, my husband and I drove up a windy mountain road and, almost to the summit, found a conveniently banked as to completely block off any light from the valley below dirt road and, lying on that dirt road, I saw stars. Millions of them. Bonus: A shooting star, too.

Home now, that sense of wonder stays with me—well, maybe slightly dimmed but, hey, I KNOW they’re up there. I’ve been reminded.

Just as I KNOW amazing, loving, compassionate things are happening.

Like this: As I learned last night at a wonderful talk in Cambridge, the ground-breaking Our Bodies, Ourselves is now translated into 27 languages. Each version has been carefully and collectively written by the women (and, sometimes, men) of countries around the world, each version addressing the women’s health issues most needing instruction and gentle guidance in their own communities.

Doncha love that!

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