January 26, 2011*: Arright, Already!

This summer, while at Baltimore Yearly Meeting, I went to a wonderful workshop: “God, the Chesapeake and Us.” At its conclusion, participants were asked to promise to do ONE  THING to change how we lived. So, because the woman sitting next to me had mentioned them, I’d promised myself to check out “wind credits”—although I still don’t know what she was talking about. When I returned home, I promptly forgot my promise. (Looking at my notes re that workshop, the workshop leader had lots to say re covenants. Guess it’s a good thing I’m not God, huh?)

But while moseying around while researching how the electricity currently powering this computer, the radio softly playing in the background, my space heater et al, I found this re a New England-based Wind Fund.

[* Written a day early!]

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  1. Hi Patricia
    I don’t know what you know and don’t know so forgive me if I’m telling you what already know but you might want to check out some of the resources by faith organizations promoting earthcare. So locally I think you’d find Mass Interfaith Power and Light helpful==particularly their everyday environmental stewardship page http://www.mipandl.org/ees.html : for example, they have a Technical Brief on Interior Storm Windows–which to me looks like it might solve your window problem, particularly since I know that you have a very handy person in your house….

    They also have recommendations about what to do before an energy audit…And if you want to spend money on energy saving products you can get the national site from their site.

    And you might also want to go the Quaker Earthcare Witness site, particularly their right relationship section which has a fair number of workbooks you can read in PDF form…. http://www.quakerearthcare.org/MainAreas/RightRelationship/RightRelationship.html and you might want to look at the leadings and concerns section, particularly renewable energy–if you go to the pamphlet connected ther it has specific tips on its second page–but in general you’ll find like-minded thinkers and doers….
    and also you might want to look at their links if you are also interested in policy

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