January 6, 2011: Light: elucidated

A canceled meeting meant I could merely sit at the kitchen table this morning, still in my jammies, drink my coffee, and leisurely watch the feeding frenzy at our birdfeeder: the sparrows and chickadees already know a snow storm’s coming. So I was in the right place at the right time to notice when the morning sun pierced the crown feathers of a female cardinal so precisely, I saw the individual feathers.

Maybe it’s the coffee talking but that feels like an opening. A metaphor, maybe?

Something about Light?

Certainly I could start by elucidating why, in this month-long series re heat and Light, I capitalize that second noun.

Answer: because I am trying to write both about my bumbling around re heating this house and, dimly akin to that light-piercing moment at the birdfeeder this morning, seek Something Greater Than Myself as I bumble.

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