“The Great Turning”


As surely as sunflowers turn their faces towards The Light, we’re facing—Yes!— The Great Turning:

Praise be! It’s happening! [Please read “Branded #6: ‘The Drop Becomes the Ocean’ for more about Jay O’Hara.]

Let us give thanks.

Let us praise.

And let us, Friends; brothers and sisters, double our efforts!

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Hello, there, Patricia! What a great blog post article which you have so graciously and powerfully composed as well as your other stupendous ones! Wow, what great work by the activists blocking that coal shipment with their lobster boat. And how wonderful that District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter dropped the charges, and that he will attend the People’s Climate March in New York. Jim Hansen and Bill McKibben would have been such powerful and effective witnesses if the case had gone to trial.

    Our poor Earth truly is in danger and is suffering greatly, my white sister, Patricia! I can tell by how the water quality and the air quality isI diminishing, and by all of the severe weather which we have been experiencing in our country and around the world. We do so desperately need climate change! I pray that our Earth can heal as soon as possible. It will not be a moment too soon!

    My precious white sister, Patricia, you are so aware and sensitive to the concerns of your sisters and brothers in this world, and all of your spectacular and sensitive attention to pertinent issues and causes! I truly appreciate you for this a whole bunch! I so love visiting your superb blog post website! It gives me such joy and pleasure and just makes my day! You are such a gift and a blessing to me, Patricia! You are such a gifted writer and a wordsmith, sister!

    Please have a very nice, special, and a very blessed day, sister! I, too, say, “Let us give thanks. Let us praise.”

    Very Sincerely Always,

    Your lesbian black sister in solidarity, Sherry Gordon

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