Was it The Light?

My mother died a week ago.

So many, many things I could and want to say about her; I am moved, this morning, however, to tell this story:

About a week before she died, in terrible pain, she’d said, “I feel as though parts of me are flying away.” Which, as a dear friend no stranger to grief pointed out, is a lot like a wonderful song.

For the past week, much to my sorrow, unlike the sense of my father’s loving and abiding presence after he’d died, I have felt A Huge Void. As so poignantly described by Kathryn Schultz in her New Yorker essay about her father’s death.Β 

But, yesterday, in Boston’s Museum of Science’s butterfly garden, surrounded by fluttering, beautiful creatures, I felt my mother. I felt a powerfulβ€”how to describe it? An energy exchange? Her presence? Her essence? Her soul?

Was it the light? Or The Light?

Why ask.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss of your mother. I am only learning about her passing today. Thank you for this sweet story. Sue

  2. Dearest Patricia,

    Well, hi, there, Patricia, my so, so very FOR ALWAYS awesomely special and dearly precious soul sistahfriend Christian Quaker woman who you’re FOR ALWAYS so, so very much!!!!!! WOW, sistah, AWWWW, oh, how I’ve so longed for, yearning for, so, so very much wanting to respond much sooner than this to this compelling blog post here but these silly continuing problems which I’m having with my physical disabilities and physical medical health stuff has prevented me from doing so the way I so love to do and way much sooner. On top of that I’m sick with a bug with cold an UGH!!!!! but I didn’t want to go on any longer not writing at all and I just couldn’t wait to write just bursting with such eager anticipation in order to do so and doing a shorter summary instead. I’d much rather do a longer, more thorough and detailed response and that is such a sheer and immense joy and blessing for me and plus such greatly grand fun for me as well!!!! My so, so very sweet sisterfriend, I’ve had the exact same feeling about your darling late Mom being at Perfect Peace in the Light, Patricia!!!!I even had that great feeling about your precious Mother when she was still okay that she’d be in and with the Sweet Spirit Light, my dear, dearest, precious, darling Patricia!!!!!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒβ€!!!!! Sistah, I mailed to you in the snail mail awhile back to all of you and yours with your very special, precious, and beloved family a sympathy condolences card which you and your awesome husband and all of you should have received by now. My dear friend, I rooted for and cheered on the mighty Boston Red Sox in the World Series and along with all of Red Sox Nation I’m just so, so very thrilled that they won the World Series!!!!! Even with that third game that went for eighteen innings which the super Red Sox lost I stayed awake until 2:30A.M. Central Time my time watching and listening to it!!!!!! Dearest Patricia, my very heart and love are with YOU and your darling husband and all of your marvelous family with your spectacular Mom passing on and my very heart and spirit ache for YOU, sister, and for each and ecery one of you!!!!! 😊❀!!!!!! My very prayers and thoughts are FOR ALWAYS with all of you!!!!!! I just so, so very much love and cherish YOU, Patricia, and all of you!!!!!!!!😊❀!!!!!!! FOR ALWAYS!!!!!! 😊❀!!!!!!! YOURS FOR ALWAYS SOUL SISTAHFRIEND CHRISTIAN BLACK WOMAN MY SO, SO VERY AWESOMELY SPECIAL AND DEARLY PRECIOUS SOUL SISTAHFRIEND CHRISTIAN QUAKER WHITE WOMAN, Patricia, SHERRY GORDON in Iowa City, Iowa 😊❀!!!!!

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