What Love Will Do

A pro-affordable housing rally, City Hall, Somerville (a Sanctuary City) MA; May, 2017

We may be cooked. Even The Boston Globe, whose editorial policy regarding climate change reportage is sometimes mystifying—and often infuriating—featured a front-page article this morning admitting that things look grim.

It’s taken me a couple of years to let this horror sink in. And maybe that’s okay. Because, denial/magical thinking/distractions to help me to forget/bargaining; all the crazy stuff we humans do when faced with Bad News have, over time, brought me right to where I am supposed to be: accepting my humanity. Humbly.

And to ask myself: What am I asked to do? (Besides, of course, doing everything I can possibly do to sharply bring down global emissions.) And although a dear friend says mine is “Pollyanna thinking” (and she may very well be right!), here’s what I’m dedicating/rededicating my life to from now on: lovin’ the hell out of everyone. If my species is doomed, let me affirm what is best about being human; our ability to love.

May my life continue William Penn’s experiment: “Let us then try what Love will do.”

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  1. It may carry us off, this heat wave, but we’ll not go without loving ourselves to the death.

  2. Dear Patricia,

    Well, hi, there, Patricia and greetings and salutations to you and to you and for very especially for YOU For Always my so, so very dearly special and awesomely precious soul sisterfriend Christian Quaker woman who you’re For Always so, so very much!!!! WOW, sister, I struggle sometimes with trouble sleeping! UGH!!!!! I tried for awhile to fall asleep but I just kept fitfully tossing and turning and not falling asleep to no avail so I thought that writing to absolutely AWESOME YOU and your great blog would help! WOW, sister, WOW, what a very empowering blog post article here which is a blog post article of deeply attuned, acute, and astute thought with such effective, productively proactive action to it. I see our Good God as a Verb here as you very delightfully say and think, and I see your very keen thought processes here and how you are striving with all that you have with all of your very being to act on decreasing and eradicating climate change and to think your way through with your processing on this great and dire dilemma we have as Spirit’s people on our ravaged planet. Sister, I thank-YOU so, so very profusely, kindly, dearly, and deeply for how you’ve as usual as always featured and included such powerful, interesting, and informative links with your engaging article here which is proving to be interesting and fascinating reading, Patricia. I am making my way through reading all of this vast wealth of information and I’m trying to read everything very thoroughly and with such rapt attention to detail, sisterfriend! Sister, I have seen the very reality and veracity of climate change being very real for many years now. I’m with you here, my so, so very dearest and darling friend. I accept my humanity, humbly, along with that very sweet humility of all of you as my so, so very dear sisters and brothers and our Dear Spirit’s children. I, too, ask myself, “What am I asked to do?” I feel like sometimes, my friend, that no matter what I do that it won’t be enough but I persevere doing the absolutely very best that I can and I pray without ceasing with deeply involved and intense intercessory prayers for our Earth and for each and every one of us with this grave danger with climate change. Sister, I’m definitely a Pollyana! I think that our good ol’ world must come to some sort of end someday crossing over to the Perfectly Blissful Heaven of ours where our Good God eagerly waits for us. I don’t believe in the end of the world in the fundamentalist sense. I just think that somehow before we are all destroyed from our human mistakes and humankind’s destruction to ourselves and to our Earth like with climate change that somehow someway God would intervene with putting an end to our blessed mess on our Earth and in our lives by wrapping things up with the world ending and those who are called going into Perfection with our Heaven which awaits us where we will no longer be plagued by the plagues of climate change and other concerns which beset and beleaguer us, sister and friend of mine, Patricia. Sister, I say, “Praise be,” and I very heartily am with you as I say a very wholehearted affirmation as well in affirming what is best about being human beings is our deep, abiding, and enduring ability to love. Sister, WOW, you have just made me feel even better and brighter with even more greatly added cheer and I’m just very immensely blessed by YOU, precious sister, and by this very emboldening blog post article here. WOW, the title of this brilliant, absolutely brilliant and beautiful blog post article is perfect here and very applicable to the great theme and topic of your very fine and excellent writing, Patricia. Sister, I’m just so moved and touched in my very, very heart, and my very, very heart, mind, soul, and spirit by the very relevant and deeply poignant picture which you’ve very graciously and generously featured and included with your inspirational and endearing blog post article here. Sister, my Iowa City, Iowa is like your very beloved, precious, blessed, and special Somerville, Massachusetts as there is a very concerning issue where I live with the stark lack of affordable housing. My dear city keeps constructing expensive apartments and condominiums but is not taking care of things in building more affordable housing, sister! Sisterfriend, you’re such a good woman of God, a woman of faith, a woman of spirit and Spirit!!!!! You help me greatly with my very walk with Spirit and I thank-YOU and Spirit as my For Always eternal blessing with YOU and your very presence in my life as I thank Spirit continually for YOU, Patricia!!!!!! 🙂 <3 Now I'm even more encouraged, emboldened, inspired. and re-energized, renewed, reinvigorated, and rejuvenated to carry on in suiting up and showing up, resisting, persisting, and interrupting as I'm ready, willing, wanting, and able to report for duty!!!!! YAY for YOU, Patricia!!!!! YAY for all of your very sagacity blog post articles, other in-depth writings and books!!!! YAY for all you do so, so very well in such a fine and an excellent manner as you try so, so very hard doing your absolutely very best in such a diligently conscientious manner with such conscientious diligence, my friend, with all that you have with all of your very being!!!!! YAY for our very sisterhood and friendship, Patricia!!!! WOW!!!!! YAY!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! By the time you'll see this it will be Friday so please you have such a very fantastic and fun-filled Friday, a wondrously wonderful weekend ahead, and may all of your very days be so, so very especially blessed!!!!! God so, so very much loves and cherishes YOU, Patricia, and so do I A WHOLE BUNCH, my absolutely fantastic friend and sister of mine!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! You are such an eternal blessing for me as I know that you are for very many other people also as you bless many folks with your sweet grace, sister!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! 🙂 <3

    Very Warmly and Sincerely For Always, my so, so very For Always awesomely special and dearly precious soul sisterfriend Christian Quaker white woman who you're For Always so, so very much, Patricia, with My and Spirit's Peace and Love For You For Always, friend of mine, and with such Blessings and Such Very Even More Blessings For You For Always, sister of mine,

    Yours For Always soul sisterfriend Christian black woman and For Always in the very great spirit of unity and solidarity, Sherry Gordon in Iowa City, Iowa 🙂 <3

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