Yearning for Light



Yesterday, with much help from my patient and ever-helpful husband, I moved my writing desk to the third floor—and away from the phone and the distractions of email and the Internet. (Yes. The draft I’m currently working on I’m writing by hand.) To further simulate a writing space where Jane Austen or George Sand might have composed, a brass, wind-up clock I’d bought at a yard sale sits on my desk, too, its gentle ticks calming me as I work.

My desk just fits in a little alcove under a skylight. So when I’m stuck—which happens every five minutes or so—my eyes travel upward to watch clouds or circling swallows or the wind move through the tops of trees across the street. At one such stuck moment yesterday, I noticed a tiny green bug hurtling itself against the skylight screen. The next stuckness; there that bug was, again. Preoccupied with my work—What does this character want? What’s motivating this character?—it took me a few such stucknesses to realize that the bug was trying to get out. Throwing itself against that screen again and again. Moving towards light.

As is, I realized, my character!

Thanks bug. Thanks, Light.

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  1. Dear Patricia,
    Hello, there, Patricia! What a beautiful, lovely, and gracious blog post article which you have written along with your other very spectacular ones! The beautiful picture you have included with your very fine and excellent article is a perfect match and very fitting to you great article. Your writing desk’s new home in an alcove under a skylight sounds like the grandest new home for it. Wow, it sounds like your desk’s new home is in such a peaceful spot where you can glory in and enjoy the powder puff cotton candy like clouds, see the gorgeous swallows fly and flutter from here to there, and see and hear the soothing and serene sounds of Spirit’s Precious wind. I can just imagine the magnificent sounds of your elegant clock ticking, providing comfort and relaxation to you as you work so diligently on your hand-written draft. I still do my drafts by hand-writing-I can’t seem to get the hang of writing as I type-I guess I am old school not like the young people are (SMILE!) My thoughts and prayers are with you daily and often in your life in general, and as you work so diligently and faithfully on your draft.

    I can relate to how you get stuck as well, Patricia! We as our Dearest and Darling God’s children are like that tiny green bug. We get stuck and discombobulated with the problems we encounter in our imperfect lives. We try so hard to escape like that tiny green bug, stressed out and straining as we go. We do indeed aim for the light, our very hearts, souls, and spirits are yearning for the light-the Light of God which is Love, Peace, and Perfect Calm in the storms of life in which we endure. Patricia, I so love the title of this super blog post article of yours, “Yearning For Light.” How right you are with those so, so very true words. We may at times become stuck, but we will always be released and find the Light of Spirit and be enlightened along our spiritual paths and journeys as God’s beautiful inside and out people.

    I so love your blog post articles and your marvelous book! It is such a great joy and a blessing to me to visit your wonderful blog website! Your truly inspirational and heartfelt writings just make my day and fill me with such positive optimism, faith, and hope! My day is already that much for the better because of the great spiritual depths of this fabulous and gracious blog post article. I am filled with such eager anticipation for more of your superb writings, and when the time comes for your new book, “Welling Up” to come out! I send to you precious thoughts, prayers, and positive energy as you are in the nerve-wracking final stages of getting this very fine and excellent book out! My day is so much brighter now because I had the great pleasure of reading another of your grace-filled writings! I am so, so very excited for the next time you share so graciously on your blog website, Patricia!

    Please have a very nice, special, serene, and blessed day full of fun and relaxation, Patricia!

    Very Sincerely Always,
    Your Christian lesbian black sister in solidarity Sherry Gordon

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