“By The Side of the Road”


The House by the Side of the Road
by Sam Walter Foss

“He was a friend to man, and lived
In a house by the side of the road.”
— Homer

There are hermit souls that live withdrawn
In the place of their self-content;
There are souls like stars, that dwell apart,
In a fellowless firmament;
There are pioneer souls that blaze their paths
Where highways never ran-
But let me live by the side of the road
And be a friend to man. –

(Sam Foss, 1858—1911, was a well-known poet in his day and a beloved Somerville resident.)

Aside from an upcoming weekend in New Hampshire with friends, my summer travels are over. So I, like Mr. Foss, will happily spend the remaining, warm days on the side of the road—or, rather, on my front porch or back yard. Grateful that my injured daughter’s on the mend,  grateful for kind and loving friends, family and neighbors, grateful for peaches and summer squash and vine-ripened tomatoes, I shall be grateful for this time to be grateful.

Praise be.




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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Hello, there, Patricia! What wonderful words of wisdom in which you have composed for this sagacious blog post article, as well as your other Spirit-filled and soulful ones! I love this so, and I love all of your extraordinary writings so, so very much! I am filled with such joy that your dearest darling daughter who had that horrific bicycle accident is healing up nicely!!!!!! I have been praying so hard for her, for you, your dear husband, and all of the rest of your dearest darling family and for always will pray for keeping all of you covered in prayers in general and for always send positive energy thoughts all of your way!

    I love this expressive and lovely poem which you have used by Sam Walter Foss. It perfectly complements your gracious thoughts and words in this very splendid and precious blog post article. I, too, want to be a friend to people-a friend to humankind radiating our God Spirit’s Love from me and my heart and from our God’s Dearest and Darling, Sweet Heart! I think of how there are so, so very many lonely souls and in our world who are like hermits who can even be lonely in a crowd or isolated by themselves. I think of souls like stars who have hidden and untapped potential inside but need other people to spark that potential from within and to give encouragement and inspiration. I yearn with all of my heart, spirit, and soul to be a pioneer soul who blazes my path where highways never have run-to go to any lengths necessary to love our Good God Spirit and to also love my dearest and darling sisters and brothers who are our Spirit’s dearest and darling children and God’s beautiful inside and out creation.

    I am so, so very incredibly blessed and overflowing with such gratitude for my life and how my life is! I know it might sound like an overused cliché but I love so to cultivate an attitude of gratitude! I know that I have many struggles in my life having multiple disabilities and being on a low, fixed income with my disability benefits. Yet I have sheer joy in my life! I have our Good God Spirit, fantastic and fabulous friends who I love so, so very much and cherish and who are family to me like my numerous white women sisterfriends who are my very heart!!!!!! I have a wonderful open and affirming church which I have belonged to for decades where I am accepted and embraced as the lesbian black woman who I am! I have so, so many blessings-my list of my blessings is endless, Patricia!

    You are my blessing, Patricia, with your inspiring and brilliant writings and grace-filled blog post website which for always lifts me up and just makes my day so, so much brighter! I am uplifted and inspired by you and your astounding writings with such acuity! I am rejuvenated in my day and spiritually reinvigorated by your Spirit-filled words, my white sister who you are so, so very much as an ally and in solidarity, Patricia!

    Have such fun and celebrate on your weekend vacation to New Hampshire, Patricia! Please enjoy the rest of your summer days with all of their spectacular beauty and glory! Have much fun and celebrate you, my white sister, Patricia! I, too, say, “Praise Be.” along with you my white sister!

    Very Sincerely Always,

    Your black sister Sherry Gordon

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