February 1, 2011: Surrender!

Like many Americans of a certain age, my first experience with today’s title was when the Wicked Witch sky-scrawled “Surrender Dorothy” with her sulphur-spewing broom. NOT a positive association.

But, this morning at breakfast as the snows fell—as they’re destined to fall for several days—that usually-scary word  just welled up and, ohmygoodness, what a relief! What unexpected joy!

Surrender to the weather. Surrender to not being able to do what I’d expected to do for the next couple days. So, for example, I postponed tomorrow’s scheduled Mohs surgery. (I did check in with my dermatologist; she said a 2-week wait was OK.)

At my Quaker meeting’s Wednesday night meal-and-sharing-circle, the formerly incarcerated circle members often remind us to “Let go, let God,” or “Go with the flow.”

Good advice. Especially when you have no choice!

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