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Seated in Meeting this past Sunday, for the life of me I couldn’t remember the Bible passage taped on my computer! Yes, I remembered the “walk[ing] humbly” bit, yes, I remembered how happy I had been to find a version of Micah 6:8 that advised me “to love kindness” rather than “mercy” (Mercy feels patronizing to me, as in “I bequeath my mercy unto you, O Inferior One.”) but what was the verb in front of “justice”? Because, given the dire forum I’d just heard that morning re climate disruption and the urgent call to DO SOMETHING, “seeking justice” was pretty darned namby-pamby!

Nope. The verb had to be “Do.” Do justice. Now.

But, wait! Was that right? Did I remember the passage, ahem, correctly?

And it came to me that Micah had never taught at Harvard Divinity School. He probably didn’t and wouldn’t care if I substituted whatever verb seemed most apt. For me. To best speak to my condition; to best guide my life. (Just as I had searched for a translation of his admonition that said “love kindness.”)

And lo, “do” Is correct!


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  1. Dear Patricia,
    Hi, there, Patricia! This blog post article of yours is right on the mark. I want so intensely and earnestly to do justice as well. I don’t just only love our Good and Sweet Creator God, but I in the depths of my heart with what all I have to give and offer love people so, so very much! I want my life now all of my life to matter and to count for something good, and I so love our God and all of my sisters and brothers as our Dearest and Powerful Creator God’s children.
    Very Sincerely Always,
    Sherry Gordon

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