“I believe she’s amazing!”*


[Science Center bike rack; Harvard University]

Sunday morning, on my usual route to my Quaker meeting for a 9:00 meeting, my path crossed with a woman in her late forties, her lipstick carefully applied—I love that even with losing an hour’s sleep/Daylight Saving Time she took time for some personal care—about to enter Harvard’s Science Center. (Usually at that time of day, Asian, college-aged students head towards the entrance.)

Now, maybe that woman is an employee in the Center—but on that glorious, warm, and sunny International Women’s Day, I chose to believe she’s what’s awkwardly known as a “non-traditional student,” i.e. older! I chose to believe that wherever’s she’s from, she is a leader, she’s well-known, respected. I believe she had been chosen to come to Harvard to rub shoulders with other amazing people before returning to wherever she’s from to do more amazing things! (Okay, so maybe the sunshine and warmth had a little something to do with my conviction?)

But, oh, my brothers and sisters, I need to believe this.


* Here’s the link to my personal favorite flash mob: “I believe she’s amazing.” Enjoy!